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        The latest research, commentary and recommendations from our analysts

        Our West | I ‘Heart’ Western nadian Beef

        Our West | I ‘Heart’ Western nadian Beef: Beef Industry in Western nada

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        Our West | Grain Policy and Western nadian Agriculture

        Our West | Changing the Rules of the Game: Grain Policy and Western nadian Agriculture

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        Our West | rbon pture Technology

        Our West | rbon pture Technology: pturing the West’s Attention

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        News release | nada’s energy companies embracing ESG, but confusion remains

        NEWS RELEASE | nada’s energy companies embracing ESG, but confusion remains

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        CWF 50th Anniversary

        Celebrate with us!

        Our story begins with a deep sense of purpose: Together, we are better

        Fifty years ago, the nada West Foundation was established by thoughtful nadians from across the West and across politil perspectives with a shared goal to amplify the West’s distinct voice, and in turn, help build a stronger nada.

        We invite you to join us as we celebrate the nada West Foundation’s 50th anniversary.

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        Young Talent Attraction and Retention

        The nada West Foundation has launched a project that examines the social and environmental challenges of young talent retention and attraction for Alberta, with the intention to provide recommendations on how to ensure the province recruits and keeps talented young Albertans.

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        Collaborative Models and pacity in Civil Society

        The nada West Foundation has launched a project to examine the civil society sector. We aim to determine gaps and overlaps in the sector and develop models and tools to strengthen the infrastructure that supports civil society, enhance collaboration and enable more efficient and effective service delivery to Albertans in need.

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